What is soul LOVE fest?

soul LOVE fest is a two-day retreat that will bring thousands of yogis, BIG life seekers, and other like-minded souls to the farmland of Chicago’s western suburbs to experience soul LOVE’s 100+ workshops, masterclasses, outdoor activities and vendors.

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We believe that this thing we call life is one BIG adventure brimming with abundance and infinite possibility.

We believe that each of us is gifted, worthy, a touch crazy and that we have all the answers within.

Every. Single. Person. Period.

The one thing we know for sure is that when we get over the fear and start following that little voice inside of us, awesome stuff starts happening
just like magic.

soul LOVE fest location

Just west of Naperville, IL, Arranmore Farm & Polo Club is a world-class, one-of-a-kind outdoor venue with expansive views, a serene pond, and historic structures on site- all on acres of endless fields and breathtaking landscape.

Imagine Your Day at soul LOVE



Move and connect with yoga and outdoor exercise classes for all levels. Learn about food and fueling your body with classes and one-on-one nutrition coaching.



Connect and quiet the mind with meditation and breathwork classes as well as powerful personal growth workshops.



Look inward and open to possibility with spiritual growth workshops. Dive deep with classes on topics such as cultivating intuition and working with angels & guides.



“More” is where the magic happens with inspirational speakers, bucket list and goal setting strategist as well as one-on-one life coaching.

soul LOVE village will be open all day and will include 100+ vendors and practitioners across all fields of mind, body, spirit… and adventure.

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Get ready for some love in…

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It may sound like heady stuff, but by pushing your body, quieting your mind, expanding your perspective and connecting with others, you will eventually find yourself opening to what is possible. It won’t happen in one day, but in the meantime, we can promise you will start to feel the shift and have a pretty awesome day giving your soul a little love.