SLF Masterclass Instructor, Sarah Baker, shares her fascination for Ayurveda and a recipe for an amazing Superfood Smoothie Bowl for Springtime Awakening!

“I’ve been fascinated by and have been learning the philosophy and history behind Ayurveda: An ancient mind body medical system that started in India. According to Ayurveda, we are directly connected and one with the universe and nature. As nature changes and shifts, so should we. If we continually strive to balance ourselves according to natural shifts like changing seasons, then we can find more harmony within our own beings. So with Spring time feeling like it’s knocking on my door, I’m happy to embrace new change and rituals to further my Balanced Babe lifestyle.”


Ancient Mind Body Techniques For Spring

As winter starts to dwindle down, many of us end up feeling heavy, lethargic and chronically fatigued. Could it be the lack of Vitamin D? The lack of oneness with nature? Possibly. Give these ancient mind body techniques for Spring a try and watch yourself bloom to a higher state of balance!

Recipe for Superfood Smoothie Bowl for Springtime Awakening

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