Brian Jones is a Spiritual Aspirant and Teacher, Artist and Musician. We are honored to have him join us at soul LOVE fest! Brian will be one of our amazing Masterclass Instructors and will be leading and teaching meditation.

Brian’s journey:

Brian JonesIn Brian’s recent The Mystic Show podcast interview he opens up about experiences from his early life and what led him to meditation. Like so many others, his desire to learn meditation/spirituality basically started with frustration – internally knowing that “there’s more to life than this,” but not knowing WHAT THAT IS! …and needing to find out.

Brain also discussed the soul nurturing power of creativity and how important that can be in a person’s self-learning process. At one point in his life Brian had the courage to learn how to paint without any prior knowledge or experience. Now Brian’s distinctly aware when he feels the flow of creativity and the need to paint something new. Again, self-awareness.

And by the way, now Brian actually has his own award-winning gallery. Creating and living out big dreams….might just start with a little meditation. :)

Listen To Brian’s Interview

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