August 23, 2016

Harmonizing Nutrition: What Foods Are Right For You?

Erin LaPointe Foods Right For You

Soul LOVE Fest Masterclass Instructor, Erin LaPointe shares a little insight on harmonizing nutrition and understanding what foods are right for YOU. What Foods Should You Eat? Knowing what to eat can be very confusing. The news and fad diets only cloud the information that we’ve learned and know about ourselves. We are taught to…

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March 27, 2016

Kacee Must: Impossible to Possible

Kacee Must Citizen Yoga

SLF Masterclass Instructor Kacee Must, founder of Citizen Yoga, is inspiring and introspective in her TEDx Talk Momentum – From Impossible to Possible (how to grow and thrive in life). Kacee shares an intimate look into her journey from self proclaimed “scaredy cat”, afraid of her own shadow, to her struggle with depression, her sister’s…

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February 18, 2016

Making the Impossible Possible

Ingrid Vanderveldt

Ingrid Vanderveldt has an amazing story and lives squarely in the center of possibility at all times. What would happen if you knew you were special? What would happen if you believed anything was possible? In Ingrid’s TED talk she shares her journey and the secrets she has found to creating and making the impossible possible….

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February 17, 2016

Why Does Society Laugh at Meditation?

Biet Simkin SOUL FEED

Soul LOVE fest Masterclass Instructor, Meditation Leader and Musician, Biet Simkin was recently interviewed by the awesome guys over at Soul Feed about the stigma around meditation. So what’s the deal with this whole meditation stuff? “Society laughs at spirituality. It’s crazy to me that it’s totally accepted to go out, drink tequila and engage…

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January 11, 2016

5 Steps To Success

Success In 5 Steps

Stef Ziev is back with more super simple advice that will make a BIG impact on our lives. 5 Steps To Success starts with the question, “Who is sitting at the head of your table?”   “We each have many different parts inside of us including fear, the judge, the martyr, love, confidence, and more. If you…

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