Okay, let’s be honest – really really honest…we all do it. We are heading along just fine doing our “thing” and then the wind is taken from our sails, our stomach goes into a knot and we get stuck. We start the comparison game. Here are just a few examples that come to mind:

  • Someone else’s website looks SO AMAZING and it makes you feel like your website looks so unprofessional and lame in comparison.
  • Your neighbor’s kid scored a 34 on the ACT and got a scholarship to an amazing school and your kid is barely holding on to a 2.0 average and scored a 20 on the ACT after taking it twice.
  • A friend just got the best promotion at work and you, well…fill in the blank – are home with the kids, in a job you are only at to pay the bills, left your career to do pursue your passion and can barely make ends meet…you get the picture.
  • Friends down the street just put in a brand new kitchen and yours is still living in the 1980’s.
  • Neighbors took their entire family to Belize for Spring Break and you are home with the kids and the big deal for Spring Break will be a trip to the movies or a sleepover.
  • An acquaintance just met the love of their life and they are getting married while you are still dating.

Comparison & CompetitionComparison & Competition

You get what we are getting at, right?

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Andrea Klunder is one of our amazing soul LOVE fest instructors. She wears many hats but they all lead back to INSPIRATION. One of the coolest is that she is blogger, producer and host of The Creative Imposter and here is a little taste of her philosophy:

You’ve probably felt it — that nagging feeling of doubt when you’re about to create something new? The voice in your head that says “Who do you think you are?” That “paralysis by analysis” when you feel like you just need to learn 5 more things before you’re ready to launch…

I know I have.

Impostor syndrome is a term often attributed to highly achieving, highly creative, highly successful people to describe a collection of feelings of inadequacy even in the face of evidence to the contrary!

This blog is designed to help you stop feeling like a fake, own your successes, and share your unique creative brilliance with world by sharing tales of my own successes and failures along the creative path, practical tools and inspiration.

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