Mind Body Green recently did a feature called, The Biggest Meditation Practice You’ve Never Heard Of… Heartfulness Meditation.

What is Heartfulness? Well, if you are joining us at Soul LOVE Fest you will have the opportunity to experience it first hand. Check out Mind Body Green’s article to learn more and we will see you in September at the farm to experience Heartfulness together firsthand!


The Biggest Meditation Practice You’ve Never Heard Of

At this point, we’re all familiar with the wide-ranging health benefits of meditation. It can help you handle adversity, eradicate stress, lose weight, and even become a better parent.

There are a variety of popular meditation practices to choose from these days—from Transcendental Meditation to mindfulness-based stress reduction—but all of these techniques lack a focus on the heart.

Enter the Heartfulness Institute.

Its Heartfulness Relaxation and Meditation technique is the most widespread meditation practice you’ve probably never heard of.

What is Heartfulness Meditation?

Heartfulness is a simple, modern, methodical approach to meditation.

This form of meditation “gives many people the opportunity to master their lives [simply] by listening to their hearts,” shares Kamlesh D. Patel, global guide of Heartfulness Meditation.

Need to find balance? Focus on the heart. Looking for guidance? Focus on the heart. Seeking relaxation? Just focus on the heart! more…


More about Heartfulness

Over a million people have discovered Heartfulness, a simple meditation technology for the 21st century that enables you to consciously rest your mind and live from the heart. The Heartfulness Conference series promises to be one of the most engaging events of the year for both experienced meditators and anyone wanting to overcome the stress of everyday life. Join us to hear from keynote speakers, including Google’s Gopi Kallayil, spirit junkie Gabrielle Bernstein, comedian Kyle Cease, and master teacher Kamlesh D. Patel, in Detroit June 4, Los Angeles June 12, and Newark June 25.

For more information and to register for these free events, please visit www.HeartfulConference.org.

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