We LOVE SLF Masterclass Instructor Izzy Arkin and his honest and uncensored approach to life. Just recently he shared with us his real life struggle being in the midst of creating what was next for him in life and coming up against no over and over again…


I was so excited! It was February of this year.

I had discovered my next mission, my next purpose, my next world changing project.

But there was one slight setback.



I spoke to over 100 people over the phone, everyone said ‘NO!’

I gave personal invitations to over 30 people, everyone said ‘NO!’

I emailed over 1,200 people and one person said ‘I’m interested’ (and then after one conversation she emailed me to say she was no longer interested)

I shared it on Facebook to over 1,000 people and 2 people said ‘I’m interested’ (both of which had no interest after they learned more).

I sent out a link to apply for the program to over 2,500 people and there was ONE application… And she said ‘No’ after one conversation.

Here I was, putting my hearts desire out to the world, talking to person after person and everyone was saying ‘NO’…

What if the best thing you can do is fail?
I was so frustrated. Here I was, following the deep desires of my heart and I was falling flat on my face, over and over and over and over again.

I had a dream – to take a small intimate group out into the wilderness. We would connect with our soul, be in the stillness, meditate, slow down, be with the beauty of the mountains, the fresh air, talk about the things that matter most in the world to us…

And everyone I spoke to said No.

I spoke to countless people, sent endless emails, I even hired a business consultant (who is fucking amazing) to help me make it happen.

So as you might be able to tell (for the more observant reader) I was a wee bit frustrated…

Actually, let me slow down a bit…
What if it turns out, I was doing NOTHING wrong?
But, wait, that can’t be! If I was doing it right, wouldn’t it be ‘working’?

Well, what exactly is ‘working’?

When we put our heart on the line it is challenging. Once we start putting our wishes on the line it’s easy to misinterpret the world’s response. Experience is neutral, it is our interpretation of the experience that creates the feeling.

NoWhat if it turns out that each time I was told ‘No’, I was being informed of ways to change my message?

I began slowing down, asking people why is it a ‘no’? And the answers were incredible! Rather than taking personal offense I started to see what was missing in my vision, in my purpose.

I kept going. For 3 months every single person I spoke to said ‘No!’. But I kept moving.

Breathe in, breathe out and take 1 step.

And then it happened…
After 3 months of ‘No! No! and NO!’ all of a sudden within 10 days I filled the program…

How did this happen?

What was the magic trick?

What changed?

A Big Mistake You and I can Make…

It’s natural. We’re human so we want answers. We want to simplify things. We want some quick little bit of advice that changes everything…

And I can deceive you and give you a false answer… Let’s play for a moment.

What happened prior to those 10 days in which I filled the program?

How did I go from being told ‘NO’, to being told ‘HELL YES!’?

How did I go from getting no reply to my emails to telling people ‘It’s already full’?

Stick with me for a moment here…

Prior to filling the program I went to one of my mentors (Rich Litvin) events.

And he had me do a workshop with 200 plus people… where I lead them in a deep spiritual meditation.

I brought all of the lessons I have learned in the 1,000’s of hours of aikido training and brought it all into one experience.

And then soon after, my program was filled.

So, is that the answer? Simply being showcased, giving a powerful performance to a large audience?

Upon first glance you might think so but that would be quite shallow thinking…

Izzy Arkin NinjaI don’t care about 1,000 miles… I care about the next step
You see it is so easy to try to nail down our success to 1 event. But it doesn’t work that way…


Yes, I lead a powerful workshop to 200 plus people at a very influential person’s event.

But the only reason this happened is because I made a bold proposal to Rich:

‘Hey man, I want to do a powerful life changing workshop at your live intensive… I will teach them how to get out of their heads and into their bodies. I will use the 1,000s of hours of martial arts training to support them in embodying their highest power.’

How was I able to send an email to Rich?

Because I had developed a strong relationship with Rich by becoming a part of his incredible community of world changing entrepreneurs and coaches, 4pc.

Why did I join 4pc?

Because Rich had profoundly impacted my life.

How was I first connected with Rich?

Because my coach and mentor at the time, Jacob Sokol, had introduced me to his work.

How did I meet Jacob Sokol?….

Do you see where I’m going with all of this?

There is no magic bullet. There is no end all be all.

It is about being with each step of the journey and learning to enjoy the fuck out of it.

I have no idea what is in front of me…
So, now I am preparing to take a small intimate group out into the wilderness.

It shall be unlike any experience I have ever had in my life… and for the brave souls coming along, it shall be unlike anything they have ever experienced.

And what shall come after that?

I do not know, nor do I need to know.

As I step forward creating this experience, I become knew, I develop as a leader, I expand my capacity, and my vision for what is possible expands.

Thank you for joining me upon this journey.


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