Yes, next weekend we SPRING FORWARD! It is time to start thinking about spring cleaning inside and out.

Spring Cleaning Your Body


Why Spring clean? It is a great time to reset your body. I asked SLF Instructor, Candace Lawrence, about this as well and she explained it in a way that makes so much sense that we just had to share.

“We clean our houses every week but we know it needs a deep clean usually in the spring and that is the same with our bodies. Even if we eat relatively well the rest of the year it is a good idea to plan for a deep clean in our physical house in the spring as well.”


Spring Cleaning

So to get your digestion on the right course, focus on eating a plant based diet get a short 30 minutes of exercise in each day and add these 5 things to your life.

Looking for some awesome recipes? Check out Ask Dr. Nandi’s Recipe page where there are all sorts of great organic plant based recipes to choose from and be inspired by.

Try it out and let us know how it goes! Head on over to FACEBOOK if you have any questions for Sarah, Candace or Dr. Nandi.