Biet Simkin was featured in Mind Body Green recently on the topic of sobriety. In this day and age being sober isn’t so cool or sexy as it is the trend everywhere you look.  Biet gives us food for thought on this very important topic.

Why You Might Need a Totally Sober Lifestyle (even if you are not an alcoholic)

Let me start by saying there’s nothing wrong with drinking in moderation. It is a matter of choice. But there’s been a movement over the past few years toward living with more consciousness—a curiosity about living with intention.

Having explored alcohol and drugs in some depth myself, I know that they don’t propagate intentional living. When substances get involved, the experience you have tends to get farther and farther from the experience you intended to have.

Even if you go home with the most amazing person at the party, in the end, is that really what you wanted?wine with friends

A life of intention means saying “I want X” and mindfully executing actions that lead to “X.” Creating tangible results. Attaining actual, rather than imagined success.

Meditation helps. Alcohol? Not so much. read more

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