Andrea Klunder


Andrea Klunder is a Meditation Facilitator for startup companies & creative individuals, Founder of Peace & Play Yoga for kiddos & grownups and the Producer & Host of The Creative Impostor Podcast, a show all about how to
get out of your head and take bold action in your life and work,despite the little voice in your head that says, “Who do you think you are? You can’t do THAT!” 

Whether teaching yoga to grownups at Sat Nam Yoga or for kids at Musical Magic in Chicago, Andrea integrates her background in music, theatre and creativity to engage students in a playful experience of peaceful practices. 

As a healer, she invokes therapeutic yoga and bodywork, Reiki, voice & mantra and the practice of yoga nidra into private sessions and has worked with everyone from total beginners, to babies, to women in developing countries, to celebrities like actress Diane Lane.

Andrea has been a featured presenter for The YogipreneurCRAVENikki Nigl’s About Womenthe Women in Travel Summit, and the Womens Health Foundation. She organizes the Chicago Women’s Creative Collective on and hosts Creative Space Retreats in Chicago, New Orleans and around the world to give you time and space to explore, connect and make cool work!

Most importantly, Andrea loves singing kirtan (musical meditation) as much as humanly possible.