Caitlin Quigley


Caitlin is a graduate of the Healing Yoga Foundation’s 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training for Yoga Therapy. Being plus-sized, she is proof that yoga is for every body! She used to feel imprisoned by her body and thought, if I can’t physically do the same yoga poses as my neighbor, I shouldn’t be doing them at all. But through the process of self discovery and her yoga practice, she was enlightened to learn that Yoga is all about FUNCTION over FORM, and anyone can do it with the right instruction and focus. If you can BREATHE you can do YOGA! Isn’t that awesome? 

 You are perfect just the way you are, and she wants her students to love and nurture themselves and have the confidence to participate in their lives and enjoy new activities without fear of judgment.

 Her style of teaching is directly under the lineage of TKV Desikachar, which teaches that Yoga is a holistic, healing discipline that offers a broad range of tools for supporting health, healing and personal transformation.