Candace Lawrence


Candace Lawrence, MS.Ed., L.Ac., is a life enthusiast and straight talking health healer. Her personal and professional passion is awakening people to common sense healthy living tactics.  Candace has 16 years of training in healthy eating, beneficial vitamins, anti-aging straight talk, and more information that will have you feeling more energetic than you have felt in years. Candace has combined her science/biology/physiology background with the ancient principles of Chinese medicine to create a fresh and uncomplicated approach to wellness.

Candace is co-owner of the Trager Healing Center and Andiamo Wellness, online vitamin and nutrition shop. Her years of patient care has brought her an appreciation for people’s struggles with cooking and eating wholesome foods.

Candace’s collection of college degrees and diverse jobs blend to create a background rich in experience and a loving understanding for the challenges that each person faces.  She has been a bartender, sales clerk, hamburger slinger, county employee, teacher, mother, journalist, bank officer, art student, travel agent, entrepreneur, business owner, massage therapist, acupuncturist, triathlete and professional speaker.  She was born and raised in the Midwest, but loves the mountains and the oceans.

She is currently writing her first book Drink Wine, Eat Chocolate and Do Triathlons.