Victoria Rowan


After watching so many brilliant people struggle to complete projects or to see their projects fail to get the results they wanted once completed, she founded Ideasmyth to be the change she wants to see in the creative world; hence company tagline: “Your Genius Amplifier.” Her personalized services (coaching, courses, editing, events, recruiting and other resources) help creatives become more professional and professionals become more creative.Before she founded the educational division of (which quickly became a multi-million-dollar phenomenon), she was enchanted with words since she started reading at three.For the last 25 years, she has worked in all dimensions of media-land, writing for dozens of publications; providing commentaries for public radio; editing every form of writing and book packaging. She has also curated a variety of literary, spoken word and educational events for organizations like the 92nd Street Y, The National Arts Club and The Writers Room and has received “Best of New York City” press recognition for her own curated series. 

Since launching Ideasmyth in 2000, her  1,000+ clients have benefitted from her broad range of experience as she has helped them produce their published articles, critically acclaimed and bestselling books, photography monographs and theater productions, as well as many other exciting and innovative enterprises. Having midwife-ed such a range of projects she knows this: creativity can only consistently thrive when the rest of the artist’s life works and allows space for its potential.

Spending time with Victoria will not only help you learn how to craft a better book, essay, play, poem, website copy or business plan, but it will also help you become the person you always wanted to be.