We just found out SLF sponsor, The Dailey Method, has an awesome inspirational “word of the month” blog. We loved what they had to say about the word BRAVE and it was written by one of our Masterclass Instructors, Lorna Samatas.

What is the secret to being brave?  …. wait for it … Embracing the fear because it is almost mandatory for fear to be present for a person to be brave.

Read on…

It’s easy to hear the word “brave” and attach it to iconic images of superheroes and fearless warriors. It’s easy to hear the word “brave” and think of someone else. It’s also easy to witness what looks like bravery to us, and assume that courageous person has no fear. But REAL bravery has very little to do with capes, and very much to do with feeling and embracing fear.

Todd and Cathy Adams of Zen Parenting Radio had these wise thoughts to share about the word BRAVE:

Being Brave“There is no way to be brave without also feeling fear. We must embrace our fears so that we are able to be brave,” says Todd. “Lean toward your fears as opposed to running away from them.”

“To me brave is about moving with your insides rather than looking to the outside,” Cathy adds, saying real courage plays out not on a grand stage but in day-to-day choices. “Are you brave enough to say no, are you brave enough to say yes, are you brave enough to walk away, are you brave enough to move toward? And the only person that can answer that question is the individual. We have to make brave decisions for ourselves to feel and express that amazing sense of internal connection (what I call joy) that aligns us with why we came here. It’s brave to be YOU, in every sense of the word.” more

Here’s to being scared and doing it anyway.